Worldess Monday 01

On: Sunday, July 6, 2008

Haven't updated this blog that much. Kinda busy with school and some extra curricular activities. Though just recently I bonded with some friends and watched a movie, "Wanted". God it was awesome! I mean Angelina Jolie is really a hot momma! I think the movie was great and we all had fun watching it. I hope I could get to watch "Hancock" and "Dark Knight" as soon as possible.

Another thing is, aside from blogging, I spend my spare time playing ragnarok on a private server and just this week I donated 10 USD to it's server in exchange for a godly items. Wew! Now, I'm stronger than before and can kill in a flash. Haha.

1 comments on "Worldess Monday 01"

Miklosyatot said...

hahah strong jud wakokoko

add akong blog soy